I have two boys, so instead of dolls' houses I have garages and Medieval castles at home.
But I think I am getting ready to have my dolls' house, 
if the choice has to be taken among one of these modern architectures, all equipped with design furniture. 
These are so beautiful you can proudly show them in your living-room 
(by the way, one of them is a coffee-table that transforms into a dollhouse when parties are over!)
Ready to play? 

Modern-style architectures by Miniio
 Scale dollhouses reproduction of Arne Jacobsen’s architectures with tiny designer furniture and modern art pieces
1. The Emerson Doll House is inspired by Neutra’s Desert House and A. Quincy Jones’ house for Gary Cooper; 2. Villa Sibis;
3. Qubis Haus, a coffee table becoming a doll house after adding sliding panels

It is amazing how the Victorian dolls' houses we used to have in our childhood 
seem so far away (without even talking about the Barbie's ones ;-)
Did you make up your mind? Which one would you choose?
Have a great day and a lovely week-end


  1. I'll choose the first one or the last one - but in full, grown-up size! xxx NSJ

    1. You are back :-) me too, same size xxx

  2. Coffee table for sure! Fashion, function, and it let's everyone play. Plenty of room for cars or dungeons for the boys too.

    1. I didn't think of the dungeon option ;-) Thank you!

  3. Beautiful!! Too good to play with, even better to stay in. They are amazing Ilaria. Have a great week and love your title page font. xx


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