Billet imprimé, passeport dans le sac, valise (enfin) prête ... 
le petit cahier pour prendre des notes, l'appareil photo pour immortaliser cette ville magnifique, 
les cartes de visite perso pour laisser une trace (même petite) derrière moi ... 
bon bref l'inventaire est complet ... 
je suis prête pour partir!
ça sera ma première fois à Stockholm et 
ça sera ma première fois dans le monde (quasi) inconnu des bloggers professionnels. 

Des conférences et surtout des rencontres passionnantes pendant tout un week-end. 
ça sera l'occasion de discuter enfin de visu avec des bloggers que je côtoie sur les réseaux sociaux 
et pour en rencontrer plein d'autres. 
ça sera génial, mais tout en écrivant d'un coup j'ai la trouille. 
Donc souhaitez moi "bon courage" ...
j'en aurai surement besoin ♥


I love yellow. And more than anything else, I love yellow details. 
It has been a while since I did this post, but then new ones came up along with 
the world news in design and interior decoration. 
But I liked it so much I wanted to get it back again ♥

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It was a month ago when Pantone delivered the color for the coming year. 
The choice of the emerald green surprised and a lot of people were wandering how it could fit in our interiors and fashion. 
Well, a month later the answer is easy to find. 
Pictures of interiors, objects and clothes in bright emerald are more than easy to find on the net. 

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MAISON & OBJET - 01/2013

It was a busy day yesterday. I got home late and I had so many images in my head I needed time to think clearly. 
I didn't take as many pictures as I would have liked, and some of my "coups de coeur" are not even here. 
But some of these booths had wonderful things. I just spent 3 hours, I could have spent 3 days there. 
But I am happy with what I found, discovered and "met again."

wooden lamps from here ; alpaca colored cushions and dolls from here 
ceramics, cushions and tea (great news from the brand) from here ;  
wooden colored blocks from here ; black & white ceramics and textiles from here
the Cubebot colored wooden robot from here 

I am unable to list all the other designers and brands I loved. 
Little by little they will come up in my future posts. ♥

Images Ilaria Fatone


This graphic pattern has been around for some time by now. 
But I keep being attracted by its vintage touch and modern look. 

I noticed I have been pretty black & white in my latest posts. 
Promise, tomorrow I will add a touch of color, to bright up our day ;-)

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Je vous rassure : je ne suis pas de mauvaise humeur! J'avais tout simplement envie de changer des ambiances blanches et immaculées qui circulent sur le net depuis quelques semaines. J'avais envie d'ambiances saturées, où chaque détail est à peine visible. Ceci dit, j' mais je doute pouvoir vivre tous les jours dans un noir aussi profond ... 
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I love Wednesday afternoons during school holidays ... children are at their grandparents in the countryside and I can wander around my favorite shops in Paris. Today I was in the 6th, the elegant and bourgeois area, definitely design oriented (all the main design flagship stores are in the neighborhood). Enjoy 

Serendipitywithout any doubt one of the best concept store in town. Love their stylings, an endless inspiration. 
Every object could find a perfect spot at home and some of them already are ;-) 
Le Bon Marché Rive Gauche and their Christmas decorations
One of the most fashionable babies' shops, Numae
One day I will do a post with pictures of FIAT 500 in town :-)

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