MAISON & OBJET - 01/2013

It was a busy day yesterday. I got home late and I had so many images in my head I needed time to think clearly. 
I didn't take as many pictures as I would have liked, and some of my "coups de coeur" are not even here. 
But some of these booths had wonderful things. I just spent 3 hours, I could have spent 3 days there. 
But I am happy with what I found, discovered and "met again."

wooden lamps from here ; alpaca colored cushions and dolls from here 
ceramics, cushions and tea (great news from the brand) from here ;  
wooden colored blocks from here ; black & white ceramics and textiles from here
the Cubebot colored wooden robot from here 

I am unable to list all the other designers and brands I loved. 
Little by little they will come up in my future posts. ♥

Images Ilaria Fatone


  1. Great! Thanks for sharing! I like the look of Hay's wooden shapes and the cubebot's. Lucky Boy Sunday's new collection is fabulous as always

    1. Thank you for your message! The wooden shapes remind me of the toys I had when I was a kid ;-)

  2. Danke für Ihre interessante Post. Darf ich hinzufügen, dass Delightfull an Maison & Objet Halle 8 | E 99 ist.

    Besucht :) Danke schön für Ihre Zeit.

    Liebe Grüsse aus Berlin!


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