Source 1. ; Lina Cavalieri, ca.1900 ; Piero Fornasetti in front of a display of "Tema & Variazioni"
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"Macchine Volanti", tiles ;  "Nicchie", wallpaper ; "Multiplette", wallpaper frieze
You've seen it and you probably wondered who this enigmatic lady wasHer expression and the perfect oval of her face inspired infinite variations to the main theme (tiles, plates, pillows, ceramics, wallpaper).

Her name was Lina Cavalieri (1874-1944), an Italian soprano, famous for her grace and beauty. And the artist who gave immortality to this almost sad gaze was Piero Fornasetti. He chose her as his muse. A Milanese illustrator, sculptor, interior decorator and one of most prolific Italian designer and creative talents of the XX century, Piero Fornasetti (1913-88) owes most part of his renown to his son, Barnabawho took over the family business at his father's death, started editing the complete catalogue of his father's work and raised him amongst the biggest designers of his time. 

If you ever have the chance to go to Milan, don't miss the Fornasetti Store ... a unique place where the complete collection of Fornasetti imagery is displayed in ceramics, furniture, wallpapers, textiles, anything that came out of Piero Fornasetti's mind, everything that caught his eyes and developed his creative imagination

Design Icon ⎬Jieldé Lamps

Lyon, 1950. While looking for the perfect lamp for his mechanical industry, Jean-Louis Domecq created the Standard lamp. Simple, robust and articulated in order to adapt to all working stations, it has been produced ever since and it is world-wide known by the French-spelt initials of his inventor Je eL DéIt represents the perfect icon of the French industrial style ... but it can easily find its place in all kind of interiorsFind yours and get one of the most iconic lamp in modern design. ♥ I hope you liked this second meeting with a Design Icon. There is a tip in one of the pictures for next Wednesday subject ... see you then ;-)


I know, this is definitely an unusual post. 
I love illustrations for kids and I found this theme pretty inspiring.
I can easily see them in my boys' room. 
They are relaxing, with light bodies floating in the sky, dark colors and happy faces 
... and boys love astronauts! 
Who knows, I might have been inspired by the moon I saw tonight coming back home

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Source Eros Greatti
Source The Fancy + Homedit + The Style Files + Yatzer
Source Stardust Modern Design
Let's start a brand new habit : every Wednesday I will pick an icon in modern design and see how it fits in different interiors and styles.

The first one is the Arne Jacobsen Swan Lounge Chair™, designed in 1958 for the lobby and lounge areas at the Royal Hotel in Copenhagen. At that time, the Swan was a technologically innovative chair because it had no straight lines but only curves. Half a century later, we can still find it in modern interiors and it keeps on being a real source of inspiration.I thought a short video about the making of this beautiful chair could be the best way to end this first chapter on Design Icons 


The Bird Family, a modern Babushka family, in my kids' room. A recent "coup de foudre" from Stockholm.
The Little Red Hood story and the Russian doll's layer concept combined to create a food container
and a nice decoration object. By Pistacchi Design
The Matryoshka collection of one of the greatest Swedish illustrators, Ingela P. Arrhenius (and one of my favourite ones!)
When I got back from Stockholm, my bag was full of design objects for me, our home and our kids. 
The beautiful Bird Family I bought for my kids' room made me realize that the traditional theme of the Russian Matryoshka 
had been recently updated into something more suitable to kids and modern imagery.

The traditional Russian matryoshkas in one of the biggest Russian Antiques Shops in Paris.

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