The Bird Family, a modern Babushka family, in my kids' room. A recent "coup de foudre" from Stockholm.
The Little Red Hood story and the Russian doll's layer concept combined to create a food container
and a nice decoration object. By Pistacchi Design
The Matryoshka collection of one of the greatest Swedish illustrators, Ingela P. Arrhenius (and one of my favourite ones!)
When I got back from Stockholm, my bag was full of design objects for me, our home and our kids. 
The beautiful Bird Family I bought for my kids' room made me realize that the traditional theme of the Russian Matryoshka 
had been recently updated into something more suitable to kids and modern imagery.

The traditional Russian matryoshkas in one of the biggest Russian Antiques Shops in Paris.


  1. What beautiful gifts for your kids. Definitely love the modern version Matryoshkas. Love the little family with the moustaches and bow ties. x

    1. I agree they are beautiful, love the simple design, but my two boys were almost indifferent to them, until they discovered they could hide all sort of little objects in them ;-) xxx


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