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This week we fly to Vienna, around 1859. Biedermeier and French Neo-Classical furniture are the prevailing styles of the time.Simple, elegant, dark, sometimes carved cabinets found their place in all middle and high-society houses. But a sort of revolution is finding its way through an ambitious and determined cabinetmaker, Mr. Michael Thonet (to be pronounced Tone-eT" with a hard beginning and ending t)Thonet's essential breakthrough was his success in having light, strong wood bent into curved, graceful shapes by forming the wood in hot steam. A technology, known as bentwood, that took years to perfect. This enabled him to design entirely novel, elegant, lightweight, durable and comfortable furniture, which appealed strongly to fashion - a complete departure from the heavy, carved designs of the past - and whose aesthetic and functional appeal remains to this day. Ever since, the Thonet chairs, No. 14 on top, have become a design classic, declined in several colours to enter even modern and contemporary interiors. Few 19th-century icon furniture pieces stood the test of time. But Thonet gave life to something so new, that even the design revolutions of the following century couldn't stop its success. 

Do you have a Thonet chair at home? Would you like to have one? I certainly will one day, and in the meantime have a lovely day ♥


  1. Oggetti come questi sono davvero eterni!

    1. il mio problema è che comincio ad avere troppi oggetti eterni nella mia wish list ;-) un abbraccio

  2. The perfect chair! I don't have one but would love to have them in the kitchen. My mother got a small thonet rocking chair for my son, but kept it at her place...

  3. Great post. Big thanks to you for sharing such great information as chair.


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