The Arco lamp was designed by Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni in 1962 for the Flos lighting company, 
with whom they built a successful cooperation and that still manufactures the Arco (as many other Castiglionis’ lamps).
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The idea to design the Arco floor lamp arrived observing that dining tables weren't positioned in the middle of a room, 
while the electrical output for hanging lamps usually was.

The Arco floor lamp is made of an arched steel arm fixed to a white Carrara marble rectangular base. 
It looks heavy but the two holes on both sides of the marble base allow two people to easily carry it around. 
Its original telescopic arm allows it to lighten at a distance of over 2 meters from the base, 
which let people to easily move and position the table and chairs underneath.

Achille Castiglioni in his Milan studio in the late 1960s

The design of the Arco floor lamp recalls a typical element of the Castiglionis’ designs :
common objects' inspiration (Arco is inspired by street lamps) updated with genius and

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Another Design icon and another Italian design object. 
This is a very busy week so there won't be other posts on Friday 
(and you probably noticed there wasn't one on Monday either). 
I am leaving tomorrow for the South of France to see our new apartment 
so I guess my next post will be next week. 
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  1. Such a nice classic! Will this Arco lamp be a good fit for your new home in the South of France?

    1. I don't know ... I have the Tolomeo Artemide at home and I like better the texture of its lamp. Marble and chrome aren't my favourite materials ;-) have a lovely day xx

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