Audrey Hepburn, 1961 trendenser + ciruelo interiors + two girls on a world trip
(collage by me)
Qui a dit que le gris est triste?
Joyeux lundi à tous. Qu'il soit ensoleillé et lumineux. 
Ce n'est pas le cas à Paris, mais ça nous donne des ciels à couper le souffle.

Who said that grey was a sad color? 
Wish you a happy Monday, sunny and bright.
We still have grey clouds above us, but with breathtaking skies.

Paris avant l'orage ⎬ Paris before the storm instagram
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  1. I love that picture! You're so right, grey is never boring but very elegant! It's perfect by itself or as a background for every color. Have a good week, Ilaria!

    1. Lena, I am slowly moving from beige to light grey. The light in the South will be perfect with the grey background (I couldn't really use it in Paris since everything is already so grey I would get depressed pretty soon ;-) have a lovely day xx i.


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