Voilà mon coup de coeur de la journée. 
Une maison dans le sud de l'Italie rénovée avec un goût exquis, 
dans un blanc immaculé avec un mélange subtil d'ancien et moderne dans un pur style italien.

Here is my very favorite of the day. 
A house in the South of Italy renovated with a delicious taste, 

in a spotless white with a subtle mixture of old and modern in a perfect Italian style.

Le Salento est la dernière destination de tous ceux qui souhaitent quitter la vie frénétique des villes et 
partir loin des destinations de vacances huppées et surpeuplées
Des mas restaurés en respectant le style de la région, des chambres d'hôtes haut de gamme, 
une cuisine authentique, un arrière pays baigné de soleil et une mer turquoise. 
Bref, l'Italie que j'aime.

Salento is the last destination for those who wish to forget the hectic rhythm of city life and leave far from the VIP and crowded holidays destinations. 
Restored country houses in the style of the region, top of the range guest houses,
exquisite food, a sunny countryside and a turquoise blue sea. 
The kind of Italy I love.

Plus de photos et de renseignements sur Dwell 
(et merci à Styles Files pour m'avoir fait découvrir cette merveille)

More pictures and information on Dwell 
(and thanks to Styles Files who made me discover this beauty)

Photos by Francesco Bolis


  1. Mi piace, anche se la trovo un po' troppo minimale per i miei gusti :-)
    Però il contesto è superbo!

    1. io adoro lo stile minimalista e per una casa di vacanza c'è lo stretto necessario ... io mi ci trasferisco domani ... e poi quel cielo blu ♡ un abbraccio sotto un cielo grigio ma con spiragli di sole (chissà dove si è nascosto ;-) xx

  2. Amazing style (well, Italian...)! Could have been located in Greece too. That was my first thought at least. The open porch is dreamy! Happy weekend, Ilaria.

    1. I agree with you Gudy, I was fascinated when I saw the first pictures of this apartment. Everything reminds me the best of Italy, everything I love about it :-) happy week-end to you too ... summer is here at last xx

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  4. It decided to rain about the time the tour started, so it worked out alright since we were inside. Secondly, best tour of italy


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