This last week I wanted greenery at home. 
I couldn't find what I wanted. 
Until this morning : it was flowers' market day. 

Cette semaine j'avais envie de verdure. 
J'ai n'arrivais pas à trouver ce que j'ai voulais. 
Jusqu'à ce matin : c'était le jour du marché aux fleurs. 

I came back home with a loaded basket but happy. 
Now I will have to find the right location for 
the tiny coffee tree, the jade tree, the bunch of sunflowers and 
the big monstera plant (weird name, don't you think?).
I don't know the name of the one in the white pot (any idea?) 
but I think this will be perfect in my new home office 
(which will be over by the end of the week).

Je suis rentrée à la maison avec un panier chargé, mais heureuse. 
Maintenant je dois trouver l'emplacement pour le petit arbre à café, l'arbre de jade,
mon bouquet de tournesols et la grande monstera (drôle de nom, eh?)
Je ne connais pas le nom de celui dans le pot blanc (des suggestions ?) 
mais je pense qu'il sera parfait dans mon nouveau bureau 
(qui sera fini vers la fin de la semaine).

Glad things are speeding up at home. 
Kids will be back tomorrow after two months on holidays 
(can we blame them?)
I will have helping hands to fix the latest things and 
next week I will be able to show you some of our new arrangements.

Je suis contente que l'aménagement s'accélère à la maison. 
Les enfants seront de retour demain après deux mois sur des vacances.
J'aurai de l'aide pour les petites dernières choses et
 la semaine prochaine je pourrai vous montrer une partie de notre nouvelle installation.

In the meantime, enjoy the greenery and see you very soon 

En attendant, mettez des plantes chez vous et à très bientôt 

All pictures by Ilaria Fatone for un23ilaria


  1. I love your sunflowers! I had a bunch in my office last week and they always made me smile when I saw them! :)

    1. Good morning Will. I saw yours beside the picture of your friends' marriage ;-) I think they are the most amazing flowers ever. I couldn't find a better way to bring the sunshine at home:-) Have a lovely sunny day xx

  2. Oh I love you whole loot - especially that big monstera plant! Can't wait to see more of your new home soon...

    1. Thank you Lena :-) I will show you more very soon!

  3. Glad your new home is coming along so nicely. Finally! That big monstera plant is so nice and if you take good care of it, it can grow SO big! xx

    1. Thank you Judith ... Let's see if my "green thumb" works with the monstera ;-) xx

  4. Wow this looks SO great Ilaria - And what a lovely selection of beautiful plants! Glad I found your blog and I just can't wait to see your new home office, vous avez fille de style!!!:-)

    1. Welcome Mette and thank you for your compliments. I am glad as well I discovered your talent :-) Have a lovely day xx


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