Cette citation est pour moi. Je devrais l'imprimer et l'afficher devant mon bureau.
Pour les moments où j'ai envie de tout laisser tomber. Et dernièrement j'en ai eu plusieurs ;-)

Mais c'est les vacances par ici et du coup jer vais passer encore quelques jours à Paris
pour passer du temps avec mes ami(e)s 
et voir les nouveautés de mes magasins design préférés.
Le blog sera silencieux une petite semaine, mais mon compte instagram bien actif 
(donc n'oubliez pas de suivre un23ilaria)

Passez un excellent week-end ♡

This quote is mainly for me. I should print it and put it in front of my desk. 
I'm sure it will help when I am ready to give up. And lately I've had that feeling pretty often ;-)

But holidays are around the corner and I am going back to Paris again 
to spend time with my friends and to see what's new in my favorite design shops. 
The blog will be silent for a tiny week but my Instagram feed will be up and running 
(so don't forget to follow un23ilaria)

Have a great week-end 


  1. How wonderful to go back to Paris. Have a lovely holiday Ilaria. x

    1. Thank you G :-) Have a lovely Sunday xx

  2. Enjoy your time in Paris and come back all inspired! Sometimes it is so necessary to step back and disconnect. I hope your friends will give you a well deserved welcome back! x

  3. Have a wonderful time in Paris Ilaria! I am finally following you on Instagram! x

    1. Thank you Caroline. Unfortunately I had to cancel the trip at the very last minute (tooth ache, how dumb!) but I decided to stay on holidays all the same, even at home ;-) xx

  4. Ilaria, I hope that you are feeling better. I often have to remind myself to never give up too. This is why I love reading your blog, you are so down to earth. Keep on going :) xD


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