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This week I wanted to show you something different. Well before I had my own blog, I loved browsing Tumblr blogs. Just pictures, no text! At that time that was exactly what I was looking for. Getting lost, picture after picture, blog after blog! 

Cette semaine je voulais vous montrer quelque chose de différent. Bien avant d'avoir mon propre blog, j'aimais parcourir les blogs sur Tumblr. Que des images, pas de texte. À l'époque c'était bien tout ce que je cherchais. Me perdre, d'image en image, de blog en blog!
Some bloggers don't like Tumblr because you know nothing about the person behind the site and it is almost impossible to track a picture since the original credits aren't cited.

Certains bloggeurs n'aiment pas Tumblr car on ne sait rien de la personne qui l'alimente et il est quasiment impossible acceder à la source d'origine de la photo puisque les crédits ne sont pas cités.

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Nevertheless some Tumblr accounts are true pearls and deserve to be followed on a regular basis. After so many moody colors, I wanted to go back to something lighter and white. This selection seems to fit my mood today!

Ceci dit, certains Tumblr sont de vraies mines d'or et il vaut la peine de les suivre régulièrement. Après autant de couleurs sombres, je voulais revenir à quelque chose de plus claire et blanc. Cette selection semble bien correspondre à mon humeur aujourdhui!

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  1. I know, Tumblr is way more creative than Pinterest is, and I do love some of them too. But honesty, still having a hard time with accepting that pictures are randomly credited.
    Your series is very beautiful again, Ilaria!

    1. Thank you so much Gudy!
      I definitely agree with you for the lack of credits in Tumblr, which is also the problem for Pinterest and for all those bloggers who just don't care about giving the right credit to the artist/photographer/stylist whose work they are sharing. I found part of the original sources for these pictures using google images but it's a ton of work and I guess most people just don't care! Have a lovely day Gudy xx


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