Today I want to have a walk in the wood. 
To see white landscapes wherever I look. 
To touch the snow. 
To arrange a beautiful bouquet with simple flowers. 
I want a cold day outside to enjoy a fireplace.

But the sky is blue. 
The sun is shining. 
And it is going to be a busy day.
I'll have to wait and keep on dreaming. 

Aujourd'hui je veux faire une balade dans les bois. Voir des paysages blancs immaculés tout autour. Toucher la neige. Faire un bouquet de fleurs toutes simples. Je veux qu'il fasse froid dehors pour profiter d'un feu de cheminée.

Mais le ciel est bleu. Le soleil brille. Et j'ai une journée chargée devant moi. Je devrai attendre et continuer de rêver. 

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  1. Bientôt Noël et ces paysages blancs.. Winter is coming..

  2. That's exactly what I am craving for too! Happy Monday, Ilaria!

    1. Next year, this time of the year, we plan a tour into the Northern countries to enjoy the real winter weather :-)

  3. You put the words in my mouth... I am craving green more and more... I hope you get to go on that forest walk soon. xD

    1. We are spending the Christmas holidays at the countryside and I hope we will have the chance to walk or just spend time in the huge garden. I keep my fingers crossed ;-)


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