Les derniers jours j'ai changé pas mal de (petites) choses à la maison. J'ai bougé des objets de place, j'en ai rangé certains et sortis d'autres des placards. Et je me suis rendue compte que depuis longtemps je n'avais pas pris de photos de chez nous. Ou du moins pas avec un véritable appareil photo. Car j'ai de nombreuses images de notre appartement prises avec mon iphone sur instagram. Pendant un moment ça me suffisait. Mais maintenant je commence à sentir le besoin de retrouver le plaisir d'une véritable séance photo. Je n'aurais certainement pas le temps de le faire avant nos vacances d'été, ce week-end, mais voilà un beau projet à mettre en place dès notre retour. En attendant, voici une sélection de petits détails de chez nous directement de mon instagram

In the last few days I made a lot of (small) changes at home. I moved things around, put some away and took some out of the cabinets. And while doing it I realized I haven't been taking pictures of our home for a while. Or at least not with a proper camera. Since I have several shots of our home on Instagram taken with my phone. For a while, it was enough for me. But I now start feeling the need of going back to proper styling and shooting. I certainly won't have time for it before our summer holidays this week-end but this is a good project for when I'm back. In the meantime, here are some little details from home from my instagram account

photography ilaria fatone 


  1. That looks like a well read library to me, wonderful! I wish I had such a big one. Mine is much smaller and when having read my German books, I give them to my grandmother who is always very happy:-) Happy 1st of August, Ilaria!

    1. The truth is I've grown up in a house covered by books and I cannot imagine living in a place without them. I read less that I did in the past, but still I love having them around. Even though we sometimes wonder what's the purpose of keeping books we've read and probably won't read ever again (which isn't the case for all of them). It's a lot of place and a lot of (heavy) boxes every time we move ;-) Happy 1st of August to you as well dear Gudy! xx

  2. Mmmmm ! Très jolis détails Ilaria, pleins de fraicheur comme on aime dans cette région où il fait si chaud et qui donnent envie d'en voir plus, vivement la suite!

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