ma vue au bureau: jungle & mon rappel de stretching⎜
what I see when I work: jungle & my stretch reminder

 le coin des enfants pour les devoirs et les dessins⎜the kids corner, where they do their homework and draw
mes boîtes à moi ⎜ my open-storage boxes

Bonjour Urban Jungle Bloggers, 
je vous l'aviez promis et aujourd'hui je vous montre les plantes avec qui je passe mes journées! 
Depuis toujours j'ai besoin d'avoir des plantes sur mon bureau. Mes anciens collègues pourraient témoigner des rempotages par terre, au milieu du bureau, quand le pot était devenu trop petit. Maintenant que je bosse de la maison, tout est plus simple. Et je peux avoir autant de plantes que je veux. D'autant plus que la lumière ne manque pas dans ma petite pièce. 
Bientôt je vous montrerai d'autres photos du bureau et vous découvrirez que la végétation continue même derrière moi! Belle journée à vous, qu'elle soit verte et lumineuse ♡

Good morning Urban Jungle Bloggers,
I promised you and today I show you the little greenery I spend my days with. 
I've always needed greenery on my desk. Even when I worked in a "real" office I needed some living beauty in front of me. My former colleagues could even witness of my repotting on the floor, in the middle of the office when the pots became too small! And now that I work from home, it is even easier. And the huge light of my little room helps them a lot. 
I will show you soon more pictures of my home office and you'll see that greenery is also behind me! Have a lovely, green and bright day 

photography by ilaria fatone


  1. Your home office is such a creative and lovely place, Ilaria. And those plants are MEANT to be there!! So beautiful! No wonder your blog rocks!

    1. Thank you so much Igor! You make me happy with your lovely words. xoxo

  2. You have such a nice home office, Ilaria! I love all the details (Wes Anderson!, the postcards from Italy, the Muuto Wood lamp...), the homework area for the kids, the open boxes and obviously: the greens :) Thanks for playing along this month! bisous !

    1. Thank you so much Judith!!! I've dreamed of having such a space for me for ages and now that I have it I take care of it (just in case somebody else at home might want it ;-) can't wait for next month topic. je t'embrasse xx

  3. Such a lovely home office Ilaria, I especially like that one of your box shelves is green to colour co-ordinate with the plants and I LOVE your lamp. xD

    1. Thank you so much Doris! I'm happy you like it. The green box was once grey but I needed something more lively and I still had some leftover paint from my elder kid's room. It is such a warm green, it works perfectly with the rest of the desk. xx


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