7 Inspirations for Green Wreaths

Du vert à volonté … des couronnes de Noël toutes simples et toutes vertes pour vos décorations de dernière minute. Les seules couronnes que j'aie jamais eues sont celles que les enfants confectionnent à l'école, mais j'aime la simplicité et la touche naturelle de celles-ci. Passez un très bon week-end ♡

Green, green, green … simple green wreaths for your Christmas decorations. The only wreaths I've ever had are the ones the kids do at school, but I like the simplicity and  the natural touch of these ones. Have a lovely week-end

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  1. Beautiful wreath inspiration, Ilaria! I think my favorite is the simple eucalyptus wreath. I could see this hanging on my front door - if I had a proper front door and not just an indoor apartment door LOL Happy holidays my friend!

    1. I know what you mean Igor. Same here but I hanged the one my kids did at school on the inside of our indoor apartment door ;-) I wish you all the best for your Christmas holidays and I hope we will have the chance to meet again next year! xx


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