9 Indoor Jungle Inspirations

Le soleil brille, le printemps approche et on a envie de se mettre à jardiner. Quand j'ai aperçu ces images, j'ai eu envie de transformer une pièce toute entière en paradis de verdure. Ça restera un rêve, mais j'aime cette invasion de plantes à l'intérieur. La nature a repris ces domaines et la jungle pousse en ville. Passez une très belle journée ♡

Sun is shining, spring is approaching and we want to start gardening again. When I stumbled upon these pictures I was tempted to transform a whole room into a greenery's heaven. It will stay a dream, but I like the invasion of plants inside the house. Nature took back its domain and the jungle grows in town. Have a lovely day ♡

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  1. Loads of inspiration here, such a pity I don't have a green thumb at all... though I keep trying:) x

    1. but you could have a jungle of succulents and cacti Gudy! They will survive even to the worst black thumb (as we call it in Italy) and I guess it is not yours. xx

  2. Vivement le printemps ! Que c'est beau toute cette verdure !


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