Warm Chocolate Mood

Envie de chocolat aujourd'hui! Envie de couleurs chaudes, d'ambiances feutrées et accueillantes. J'avoue que je ne pourrais pas mieux expliquer le choix de ces images. Mais doit-on tout le temps trouver des explications rationnelles à nos choix? Passez une très belle journée ♡

Warm colours, muted ambiances and lots of chocolate. This would be my perfect day! I confess I won't be able to find a better description to these pictures. But do we always have to give a reasonable explanation to our choices? Have a lovely Monday

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  1. I just got yesterday a recipe of true hot chocolate in my hands and even it will make me look like a 'pimply' teenager afterwards, I guess I will give it a try:-) Lovely mood, Ilaria! x

    1. Thank you Gudy! When in Milan make sure you try the real Italian hot chocolate, the best ever (Elena can confirm ;-) xx


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